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The Experience

Feb 19, 2018

On this episode of The Experience, Stefan welcomes Jonny Cooper to the show! Jonny has a fascinating story: He's a British entrepreneur, a piano player, and an international race car driver. He's also an online business coach, and the founder of The Success Party. He helps transformation professionals find more ideal clients, with more ease.

Jonny kick off by telling Stefan about his success in the financial services industry: building a business from scratch to 8-figures, and then selling it to a company that went bust before they could finish paying for it. Stefan relates back with a story of his own, of a business partnership that went awry, and left him near broke. Both men recount their lifestyles during the big money, and the abrupt stop that had both of them changing their lives completely.

Stefan talks a little about his dad, and a saying he used to say: “Clogs to Clogs” meaning to start with nothing, achieve a lot, and then end up with nothing again. Stefan attributes his crash to complacency, and talks a little about that, whereas Jonny feels that in his case, he was almost too excited to show the world he was doing well, and didn't set up a plan for a possible negative outcome. He also talks abut the value he got from the situation, in the form of a much healthier relationship with money.

The gents go on to discuss common traits Jonny finds in the people he works with. One of them is that everyone seems to be keen to do the right thing for others, but not they're not as good at taking care of themselves. He points out that making sure the bills are paid is a pretty important aspect of helping people. He also talks about a few things people tend to do wrong in online business, and marketing, as well as how to fix that.



“there's an easy way and a hard way, and I've done it the hard way”

“The money was coming in and we were having the lifestyle accordingly”

“if you become complacent, that slips away very quickly”

“I didn't have time to appreciate it, I just went crazy and bought everything I could”

“I now have a much healthier relationship with money”

“Money doesn't buy you happiness, but poverty doesn't buy you anything”



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